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Some of the benefits of becoming a MEMBER

      10% Off of classes and art supplies

      Access to the studio and supplies, anytime there is not a class in session

      Updates of upcoming events and classes

      Annual membership meeting

      Opportunities to be part of our Artist Co-Op Group

      Monthly exhibitions

      Annual artist shows and sales

      Opportunities to teach, to volunteer, to become committee members as well as board members

      Instead of 40% commission on sales, members get a break and are only charged 30% for sales.

      A chance to display your art for sale or show  in the Aug. Member Artists’ Show

      A chance to display artworks for sale or show at, The Brew House and other locations. And more!


You may drag this JPEG format to your desktop, then print or just give us a call 641-753-9013 or email us at and we will mail you the membership form.